Frequently asked questions:

Are there specific visiting hours, and if so, what are they?

Our principle is to respect the space and time of our residents. Consider that FRONTIZO is their home and they may feel uncomfortable by intruders barging in at inappropriate times in a chaotic manner. On the contrary, it is with great pleasure that they receive their loved ones during the correct visiting hours.
For these reasons, friends and relatives can visit our facilities daily, during the hours of 11:00 am-1:00 pm and 5-7pm (fall/winter months) & 11am-1:00 pm and 6-8pm (spring/summer months).
* We do not allow visitors on Tuesday and Friday mornings. These are our bathing days and our patients require your outmost discretion.
Following these visiting hours strictly gives us the opportunity to better serve your loved ones.

Regarding prescriptions, what is the procedure followed?

Our doctors write the prescriptions needed on a monthly basis, eliminating the tedious and time consuming task from relatives of standing on lines waiting to be helped by public servants. Our able nursing staff administers medications on a timely and accurate manner.

What are the specialties of the doctors?

Our residents are looked after by our resident Pathologist/Diabetes Specialist, Neurologist, Cardiologist and General Surgeon. We may also refer residents in need of specialized care to specialists we work with, such as ophthalmologists, dermatologists, orthopedics. Upon admission, our team of doctors examines each resident, study their medical history and take on the task of their health from there on.

Is it permissible (OK) for a resident not to follow the daily routine of your institution?

Each individual comes to us with specific needs. Our staff takes into account these very special needs and makes any necessary adjustments to allow the individual to fully benefit from the daily routine.

My aunt wants her hair done by a hairdresser once a week. Is this service available?

Residents need not change their daily or weekly routine. We have a hairdresser available to accommodate their needs of a haircut, hairdo or color.
Also, if you wish you may schedule an appointment for a professional manicure or pedicure.

How long can someone stay when they come for rehabilitation?

There is no time commitment. Anyone can stay at our facility for as long as they wish or until they have completed their treatment/rehabilitation program. Of course they will enjoy all of the benefits just like our permanent residents.

How does one pass the time during the course of the day?

The day starts with a nutritious well-balanced breakfast, reading newspapers and/or listening to the news. We wash, get dressed and prepare for the doctor and physical therapist visits. We eat our snack and prepare for the morning visitors as we gather for small talk in the lounges.
A warm lunch is served and awaits us in the dining room or in our room. Then we settle down for a mid-afternoon nap. We awake to the evening visiting hours and our entertainment for the evening prepared by our psychologist. It includes music, cooking, bingo, holiday arts and crafts, laughter yoga, movies, trivia and mind enhancing games, strolls in the garden (weather permitting) among our aromatic rose garden or our sycamore trees. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the degree that their health allows them.
Dinner is served just as the evening visiting hours come to an end. Hardy, delicious and especially designed to each ones dietary need.
Slowly we come to the end of another day well spent with our friends, relatives, residents and care takers.

My mother resides at FRONTIZO. We all live abroad. How can we communicate with her?

Aside regular telephone lines we also provide wireless internet services which also includes Skype. Therefore you are able to communicate easily and inexpensively with your loved ones as often as you like. An impressive example of these services is the case of one of our residents, Mrs. B. who received photographs of her first great grandson minutes after his birth in Great Britain.

We are fully aware of your services and would like our father to reside in your facility. However he has been living with his pet dog and will be devastated if he has to give it up. Can you accommodate the situation?

We fully understand the situation and the implications of removing a pet from its owner. The animal loving owners of Frontizo have made accommodations to accept pets by special agreement only.