Our entire nursing staff is composed of experienced, licensed nurses, selected with the strictest criteria. The team is led by very able head nurses. Beyond the required nursing services, caretakers accompany residents on their activities and offer friendly companionship.


Admissions Director:

Mrs. Fotini Mavris will welcome you and will answer all your questions during your tour of our facilities. She is familiar with the specialized needs of all the residents at FRONTIZO and coordinates the entire admissions process. All departments answer to Mrs. Mavris daily to the smallest detail so that she may ensure optimum functioning of the institution. Ultimately, she is the person who you will be communicating with regularly, who will inform you regarding the everyday life of your loved one in his/her new home.



Ms. Irene Paschaleri, Biologist, specialized in nutrition, Ms. Anastasia Paschaleri, Nutritionist, and their team of nutritionists from the Natural Health Clinic (, have undertaken the nutrition and meal selection program at FRONTIZO. The menus are personalized accordingly for person with diabetes, hypertension, overweight, underweight etc. By general admission, the meals are hardy, delicious and familiar in taste as they are based on the Mediterranean diet.

Νοσηλευτικές υπηρεσίες


The team of physicians at Frontizo is composed of individuals, experts in their field of expertise. Each resident is monitored daily by a physician. Their main concern is to monitor, stabilize and seek improvements to their health.


Physical Therapist:

our experienced physiotherapist visits the residents on a regular basis maintaining and/or improving physical conditions and healing bodily pain. Upon reviewing each resident’s medical history, the therapist undertakes the difficult task of adapting his knowledge to the individual’s needs, always ensuring a very pleasant experience.


The role of an experienced psychologist in modern day living facilities for the elderly is of ultimate importance. He organizes activities of interest for the residents, introduces new residents and coordinates their social life. In the face of the psychologist residents see a friend to whom they can entrust anything that may be bothering them.

Γηροκομείο Θεσσαλονίκη Φροντίζω


Significantly important to the organized operation of our institution is the contribution of the auxiliary personnel. Our polite cleaning staff, the guard, the gardener, the maintenance engineer with his helpers (electrician, plumber etc.) provides the basis for a very well maintained and sanitized building and grounds which we can all enjoy.